3 Secrets of Creating Highly Impactful E-Learning Course

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Do you know that E-Learning is going be a $325 billion industry by 2025?
The worldwide E-Learning market was at $107 billion in 2015 and $190 Billion in 2018 with a rise of nearly 75% in 3 years.
As far as India is concerned E-Learning Industry in India right now is around $3 Billion and is expected to grow at 25% every year.
As India is growing exponentially in terms of technology, very soon the traditional learning & development is set to get replaced by E-Learning tools & methods in most of the corporates.
Therefore, in this blog I will share with you 3 secrets by which you can create highly impactful E-Learning Courses.
3 Secrets of Highly Impactful E-Learning Course
1.Digital Tribe / Community
Most successful instructors first create their own digital community by attracting their tribes. They build a community of learners who resonate with their thoughts and are hungry to learn the knowledge imparted by them. They take the feedback of major challenges faced by the leaners and then create course as a solution to their challenges.
Their main intention is to add maximum value to the leaners to help them grow in life and in the meantime they grow their influence, their impact and ultimately their income.
2. Engaging Modules
Most of the E-Learning modules are video based courses imparting concepts and knowledge. But to make the learning impactful it must have call to action for the learners along with step by step implementation guide.
Do not stuff too much knowledge in a single module that overwhelms the learner, instead give them short capsule of knowledge with a robust implementation plans.
Apply the formula of Concept, Mindset, Action for each module to have the maximum impact.

3. Leverage the impact by using systems & Tools
In this era of technology its very important that we leverage our impact by integrating various systems and tools. This will have an enhanced learner experience. Right selection of tools and systems and integration them will help instructors to leverage their time as well as income.
If you can apply these secrets then you can experience the biggest growth ever in the coming years in E-Learning Space.
Do you resonate with what I have shared here? Do share your comments on the same.
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Darshit Shah

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