4 Key Mistakes to Avoid to Become Successful in Learning and Development

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With the Learning & Development industry growing at a very fast pace, the number of Trainers, Coaches, Consultants are also increasing at the same rate.
But do you know the fact, that only 4% people into Learning & Development are only successful rest 96% are just struggling. My heart cries out in pain, when I see people into Learning & Development not getting paid well for the efforts done by them.
I think it’s my moral responsibility to help people into Learning & Development fraternity. With my 12 years of experience into Training, Consulting, Coaching and having touched lives of 36,000 people across different sectors I have discovered 4 key mistakes that a person into Learning & Development must avoid.

4 Key Mistakes to avoid :

1. Copy Content or Google Content

Do not copy anybody’s content or download the content from the google. You cannot be authentic when you use other’s content. Develop your own unique content. You deliver with passion when you have developed your own content.
You are your own content. You can develop the content from your own story. This is how people connect with you.
You can take ideas from others, but develop your own content by giving it your own unique flavour to it. This is how you will show confidence, passion and authenticity.
Learning & Development is not just about passing on the information, but it’s all about bringing on the transformation. You must learn various content development skills including instructional design.

2. Teach any Topic to Anyone

Usually out of desperation, we teach any topic to anyone. If you teach any topic to anyone you will be no one.
Most of the people into learning & development do this mistake. I did this mistake in initial part of my career. But soon I realised I need to find my own niche, because riches are in niches.
Let’s take an example of a doctor, one is a general practitioner and another one is heart specialist of neurosurgeon. Which of these doctors get paid well? The answer is very obvious, heart specialist or a neurosurgeon. The reason is they have specialised in some niche. So you need to find your own niche and get specialised into it.
Also you need to know your audience, your audience is somebody who needs what you are giving and can pay for it.

3. Lack of Marketing & Selling

When I ask most of the Trainers & Coaches that what is their main reason for getting into Training & Coaching, the unanimous answer I get is they are really passionate about Training & Coaching. This passion can be clearly seen in their delivery.
But most of the Trainers and Coaches do not focus on Selling & Marketing. Most of the Trainers & Coaches feel that Selling & Marketing is a downgrade job and they are really not comfortable with it.
I have seen so many Trainers & Coaches extremely talented, extremely impactful but they fail to get the success they deserve because they do not sell & market themselves well.
I just believe in one fundamental that if you are good at something, you know something really well then it’s your moral responsibility to let other’s know about it. The only way by which you will make other’s know about it is by branding yourself well by selling & marketing.

4. Succumb to Suffering

Most of the Trainers & Coaches wait for the growth to happen to them, they wait for the success to come to them and when things don’t go their way, they feel like a sincere victim.
Let’s understand this fact very clearly that this universe will never give you what you desire, it will always give you what you deserve and for that you need to take conscious efforts. Do something everyday that helps you grow in your industry, that helps you grow in your niche. Learn from your mistakes, learn from others, enrol in various courses and seminars. Learn from the people who have made it big in life and this is how you will grow. Just sitting and asking for the growth to happen, this is not the way you are going to become successful and this is not the way by which you are going to get into top 4%.
These are the 4 mistakes that anybody who is into learning and development must avoid to become successful and get into top 4% of learning & development.
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Cheers !!!
Darshit Shah

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